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Analysis On The Advantages Of Sand Casting
Aug 16, 2017

  Analysis on the Advantages of Sand Casting

  Sand casting is the name of the sand is among the castings for the production of casting a way, whether it is for steel or some non-ferrous alloy castings can be obtained with the sand casting method, and in the use of the above is also quite wide , It can be said that the most common nowadays a casting method, here, we will focus on sand casting for everyone to introduce.

  First, the sand casting method has been widely used by many casting companies, and because of this way to carry out casting materials are relatively low, so many manufacturers are like to adopt this approach.

  Second, to take this way to cast, then the method is relatively simple, easy to operate, even if there is no relevant experience is also very fast to get started, to meet our needs.

  Third, you can carry out a single production, but also can be a large number of mass production, which for many enterprises, the selectivity will be relatively high, natural, but also particularly tend to such a casting method, And because of its relatively long history, in all aspects of the process are more mature, so now the production of the most basic of the process, better meet the needs of different enterprises, for us to bring more convenient The

  For the sand casting technology, it can be said is nowadays the most familiar, the use of a wide range of basic technology, not only for the production of casting enterprises to bring more convenient, but also for some of our lives and work needs to bring more For the more excellent products, natural, this production process has become a lot of people concerned about the focus.