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Application And Process Of Binder Used In Sand Casting
Jul 10, 2017

  Application and process of binder used in sand casting

  The strength of Sand Casting is much higher than that of clay. In the process of the production of the sand after hardening to have a very high strength after stripping, sand casting does not need to be repaired, the mold can be very accurate response to the shape of the contour and size.

  Sand Casting is not easy to deform in the process, therefore, the precision of the castings is higher than the size of the casting, because it is used to squeeze a squeeze hardening agent viscosity is not high, in the production process is easier and sand particles mixing, sand mixing equipment structure lightweight and low power generation efficiency.

  The working part of Sand Casting can be simplified in the process of processing. Mixed sand in the hardening before there will be very good liquidity, at this time the shape is relatively good-looking, in the production process also does not need a large and complex molding machine, the use of chemical hardening sand molding, according to its production requirements to choose the appearance of materials.

  The content of binder in sand casting is generally much lower than that of clay sand in the production will not exist powder-like accessories, if the use of the same grain size of the original sand, the gap between the sand grains than the clay sand, in order to effectively avoid casting is metal infiltration between sand particles, sand surface should be coated with excellent coating

  Sand Casting in the process of production if the use of its water glass as a binder of the chemical hardening sand cost is relatively low, in the use of the environment is not its odor, but such castings in the casting of metal after the sand is not easy to collapsibility, used in the old sand is not directly recycled, need to be effective through the Qu regeneration treatment.