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Chemical Hardening Sand Casting Process Is Characterized By
Jun 13, 2017

  Chemical hardening sand casting process is characterized by:

  ① chemical hardening sand type strength is much higher than the clay sand, and made of sand after hardening to have a very high strength after stripping, do not need to repair type. Thus, the mold can more accurately reflect the size of the appearance and contour shape, in the future process is not easy to deformation. The castings have high dimensional accuracy.

  ② As the binder and hardener used in the viscosity is not high, easy to mix with the sand, sand mixer equipment, lightweight, low power and high productivity, sand processing part can be simplified.

  ③ mixed with good sand in the hardening before there is a good liquidity, modeling sand is easy to Chung real, and therefore do not need a large and complex molding machine.

  ④ with chemical hardening sand molding, according to the production requirements of selected materials, such as wood, plastic and metal.

  ⑤ chemical hardening sand binder content is much lower than the clay sand, which does not exist powder-like materials, such as the use of the same size of the original sand, sand gap between the sand is much larger than clay. In order to avoid the infiltration of metal into the sand between the casting, sand or core surface should be coated with excellent quality paint.

  ⑥ with water glass as a binder of chemical hardening sand low cost, the use of working environment without odor. But this kind of casting metal after the sand is not easy to collapse; used the old sand can not be directly recycled use, subject to regeneration treatment, and water glass sand regeneration and more difficult.

  ⑦ with resin as the binder of the chemical hardening sand cost is higher, but after casting castings easy and sand separation, casting cleaning work to reduce the use of most of the sand can be recycled to use.