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Common Problems And Damage Analysis Of Sand Casting
Oct 27, 2017

What are the general problems in sand casting? Why should we raise this question, mainly in order to lead to the following content, and let everyone know what to say below, so that everyone has the heart to know, know what aspects of knowledge will be learning today. So, the following nonsense not say, immediately to start the specific content.

In the sand casting process, the general problems are:

(1) Stomata

That is, there will be holes on the hole defects, generally its inner wall is smooth, but also with a slight oxidation color. Once the casting hole, then it will affect its impact resistance and anti-fatigue ability. In addition, the stomata also reduces the compactness of the castings and even scrapped the castings.

(2) trachoma

With the stomata is about, can be inside or on the casting surface, its impact on the casting is also very large. However, we can take some measures to avoid the occurrence, Sand Casting such as increasing the strength of sand, the rational design of casting structure.

(3) sticky sand

It is in the casting surface with a layer of sand is difficult to remove, it will affect the appearance of the casting quality, but also increase the workload, and therefore can not be ignored. However, if the addition of coal in the sand, Sand Casting or in the casting surface coated anti-sticking sand coating, can avoid the problem.

(4) cold and pouring inadequate

When there is a cold separation, there will be incomplete fusion joints on the casting, which will seriously affect the mechanical properties of the casting. Sand Casting And insufficient pouring, it will make the casting can not get a complete shape.