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Common Problems And Harmfulness Analysis Of Sand Casting
Oct 11, 2017

Common problems and harmfulness analysis of Sand Casting

What problems usually arise in the process of sand casting? Why ask this question, mainly to elicit the following content, at the same time let everybody know what to say below, so that everyone has the heart to prepare, know what aspects of knowledge will be learning today. So, the following is not much nonsense to say, immediately to expand the specific content.

In the process of sand casting, the problems that usually arise are:

(1) blowhole

Is in the castings will have holes in the defects, generally the wall is smooth, but also with a slight oxidation color. Once the casting has porosity, it will affect its impact resistance and anti-fatigue ability. In addition, the porosity will reduce the density of castings, and even scrap the castings.

(2) Trachoma

is similar to the blowhole, can be inside the casting or surface, its impact on the casting is very large. However, we can take some measures to avoid the occurrence, such as improving the strength of sand, reasonable design of casting structure.

(3) Sticky sand

It is on the surface of the casting with a layer of hard to remove the sand particles, it will affect the appearance of the casting quality, but also increase the workload, Sand Casting it can not be ignored. However, if you add pulverized coal to the molding sand, or if you are brushing the coating on the mold surface, you can avoid this problem.

(4) cold isolation and insufficient watering

When cold insulation occurs, there will be incomplete fusion seams, Sand Casting so the mechanical properties of castings will be seriously affected. Not enough, the casting will not get the complete shape.