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Effect Of Hot Sand On Moisture And Mucosal Effect In Sand Casting
Oct 23, 2017

Through the understanding of the sand casting process know that as the raw material of the hot sand on the whole process and its results have a far-reaching impact, so the focus of sand casting is to grasp the correct use of hot sand. In addition, the temperature, auxiliary materials, etc. have to pay more attention, otherwise it will make the casting of cast not meet the requirements of the enterprise will also be part of the loss.

First, sand casting in hot sand on the impact of moisture

In the sand casting, the first step is to do the hot sand into the molding machine, but we have considered, once the hot sand into the equipment after the water will be a lot of loss, this situation is bound to the sand Performance has a great impact.

Second, sand casting in hot sand on the effect of sticky mold

It is because of the presence of hot sand, so that the water will become a condensed state, so the entire sticky mold effect will also change. In particular, when the combination of heat, because the evaporation of water will evaporate, then the condensation of sand will be directly on the core, thereby reducing the strength of the core, and ultimately the quality of the entire casting may also be reduced.

Third, the sand casting temperature control and the use of auxiliary materials

As the hot sand on the sand casting process of the influence is still very large, so be sure to try to avoid the problem in the right way, on the one hand is to control the temperature of the old sand, generally maintained at fifty degrees or so The If the temperature is high, it will reduce the finished product; but if the temperature is low, it will interfere with the normal casting.

On the other hand is the use of some auxiliary materials, and its full control, so as to avoid some unnecessary trouble and affect the effect of the entire sand casting. At the same time do not forget there are new sand to join, have to take a good grasp, to play the best role.