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Manufacture Of Sand Casting Materials Known As Modeling Materials
Oct 23, 2017

Manufacture of sand casting materials known as modeling materials, used to make sand-type materials used to be known as sand, used to make sand core modeling materials known as core sand. Usually sand is the original sand (sand or sand), clay and water by a certain percentage of mixed, of which about 9% of clay, water is about 6%, the rest of the original sand. sand casting Sometimes add a small amount of coal, vegetable oil, wood chips and other additives to improve the performance of sand and core sand.

The quality of the sand and the core sand directly affects the quality of the casting. The quality of the molding sand can cause the porosity, trachoma, sticky sand, sand and other defects.


High temperature metal liquid poured into the mold, the type is filled with a lot of gas, these gases must be successfully discharged from the mold, sand can make this gas through the performance known as permeability. sand casting Otherwise it will make the casting hole, pouring and other defects. The permeability of the mold is affected by factors such as sand particle size, clay content, moisture content and sand compactness. The finer the particle size of sand, the higher the clay and moisture content, the higher the sand compactness, the worse the permeability.


The ability of sand to resist external damage is called strength. Sand must have a high enough strength in the shape, handling, boxing process does not cause collapse, pouring will not damage the surface of the mold. sand casting The strength of sand should not be too high, otherwise it will be due to air permeability, the decline of the concession, so that casting defects.

Fire resistance

High temperature of the metal liquid poured into the mold after a strong thermal effect, so the sand to have the ability to resist the role of high temperature heat resistance. Such as the fire resistance of modeling materials, sand casting castings tend to produce sticky sand. The more SiO2 content in the sand, the larger the sand particles, the better the fire resistance.


Shaped sand in the external force deformation, remove the external force can completely maintain the shape of the existing capacity. Modeling materials, good plasticity, easy to shape, made of sand shape accurate, clear outline.


Casting in the condensation, the volume shrinkage, sand should have a certain ability to be compressed, known as the concession. sand casting The retractability of the sand is not good, the casting is easy to produce internal stress or cracking. The more compact the sand, the worse the concession. The addition of wood chips in the sand and other things can improve the concession.