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Precision Machining More Sophisticated
Jul 21, 2017

  Precision machining technology in seven directions

  One more sophisticated

  Precision EDM precision has been improved, the size of processing requirements up to ± 2-3μm, the bottom corner R value can be less than 0.03mm, Precision machining  the best processing surface roughness can be lower than Ra0.3μm. Through the use of a series of advanced precision machining technology and process methods, can achieve the effect of mirror processing and can successfully complete the miniature connector, IC plastic, mobile phones, CD boxes and other high-precision mold parts of the EDM.

  Two more efficient

  Modern precision machining requirements for CNC EDM technology provides the best processing mode, which requires a substantial increase in the processing of precision to improve the rough, finishing efficiency. This not only shortens the processing time and eliminates the trouble of post-processing, while improving the quality of the mold, Precision machining the use of powder processing equipment can meet the requirements. This requires the need to enhance the machine's automatic programming function, the configuration of the electrode and the workpiece positioning fixture, device. If the large workpiece roughing in the selection of graphite electrode material is also a good way to improve the processing efficiency.

  3. Automation

  In the future implementation of automation technology, will pay more attention to the role of people in the automation system. At the same time automation began for small and medium enterprises, with economic and practical as the starting point to meet the evolving product diversification and individual needs. CNC EDM machine with automatic measurement of positive, automatic positioning, multi-workpiece continuous processing and other functions have been better to play its automation performance. Automatic operation without manual intervention, can improve the processing accuracy and efficiency. At present, the most advanced CNC EDM machine with electrode library and standard electrode fixture in the case, as long as the electrode before the processing into the magazine, the preparation of processing procedures, Precision machining the entire EDM process will be able to continue to automatically Running, almost no manual operation. The automatic operation of the machine reduces the labor intensity of the operator and improves the production efficiency.

  Four more intelligent

  Intelligent Manufacturing Technology (IMT) is the artificial intelligence into all aspects of the manufacturing process, by simulating the intelligence activities of human experts to replace or extend part of the manufacturing system of mental work in the manufacturing process, the system can automatically monitor its operating status, External interference or internal excitation can automatically adjust its parameters to achieve the best condition and have self-organizing ability. The new CNC EDM machine adopts fuzzy control technology and expert system intelligent control technology. Fuzzy control technology is determined by the computer to determine the state of the EDM gap, in the range to maintain a stable arc automatically select the processing efficiency to achieve the highest processing conditions; automatic monitoring process to achieve the most stable processing technology control technology. Precision machining The use of man-machine dialogue mode of the expert system, according to the processing conditions, requirements, a reasonable input value can be automatically created after the processing program, use the best combination of processing conditions for processing. Online automatic monitoring, adjust the processing process, to achieve precision machining process optimization control. Expert system in the detection of processing conditions, as long as the input processing shape, electrode and workpiece material, processing position, the target roughness value, the amount of electrode, shaking mode, taper value and other indicators, you can automatically calculate and configure the best processing conditions. Expert system The application of intelligent technology makes the machine operation easier and requires less technical level for the operator.

  V. Information

  Product information in the manufacturing process has become the main factor in determining the cost of the product. The essence of the manufacturing process is the acquisition, input, processing and processing of various information resources in the manufacturing process. The final product can be regarded as the material representation of the information, so that information can be regarded as an industry, Among them.


  The integrated role is to integrate a number of unit systems that were originally run independently into a new, coordinated and functional system. The goal of integration is to realize the functional integration of manufacturing enterprises. The integration of functions is realized by means of modern management technology, Precision machining computer technology, automation technology and information technology. At the same time, it is necessary to emphasize human integration, because the system can not be no one, the system is running The results and business ideas, operational mechanisms, management models are related to people, in the technical integration at the same time, should also emphasize the management and human integration. Integrated production will become the dominant mode of production for the 21st century.

  7. Flexibility

  The so-called flexibility, refers to a manufacturing system to adapt to changes in the production conditions of the ability, it is related to system programs, personnel and equipment. The flexibility of the system scheme refers to the freedom to process different parts. Personnel flexibility refers to the ability of the operator to ensure processing tasks, to complete the quantitative and time requirements. Precision machining Equipment flexibility refers to the machine can in the short term to adapt to the new parts of the precision machining capacity.