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Process And Permeability Of Sand Casting
Jul 10, 2017

  Process and permeability of Sand Casting

  Sand Casting in the process of processing its use of materials usually referred to as sand, it is mainly used to make sand core molding materials called core sand, Sand Casting sand is mainly clay, water and raw sand effective in accordance with its proportion of mixed.

  In the process of Sand Casting, the quality of castings is directly related to the quality of sand and core sand, mainly because if the quality of the moulding sand is not good, it will directly lead to the defects such as blowhole, sticky sand, sand-trap and sandy hole in the castings.

  Sand Casting in the use of the process will have good ventilation, its high-temperature metal liquid poured into the mold, the type will be filled with a lot of gas, in the process of use of these gases must be smoothly removed from the mold, the type of sand can let the gas through the performance is called breathability.

  The permeability of Sand Casting will be directly affected by the content of clay, water content, grain size and compaction degree of sand, and the finer the granularity of sand in the process of use, the higher the content of clay and water will be.

  Sand Casting has a very high intensity of use, the product must have sufficient strength in the modelling, handling and the process will not appear in the collapse of the situation, the equipment from the pouring time will not appear to damage the mold surface.

  The strength of the sand is also not too high, otherwise it will be due to the permeability, the decline of the yield, so that casting defects, Sand Casting in the use of a certain degree of fire resistance, high-temperature metal liquid in the pouring will be effective on the mold to produce its strong thermal effect, so the molding sand to have the ability to resist high-temperature heat is fire resistance.