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Sand Casting In The Production Of Sand Play A Very Important Role
Oct 27, 2017

Sand casting in the process of production are required to maintain a specific temperature and pressure environment, if the temperature does not meet the standard will directly affect the final effect of the cast, so that the more prominent is the sand casting, the tensile strength needs 200MPa.

The yield strength of the sand casting is 100MPa, the elongation of the product is 3%, the Brinell hardness is HBS 785, the tensile strength of the metal casting is 310MPa, the working temperature range is 280 ℃, the phosphorus P is 0.5 ~ 1.0 , Tin Sn: 9.0 to 11.5.

Sand casting hardness is very high and wear resistance is better, in the course of the use of the phenomenon is not easy to kill, in the course of the use of better hungry casting performance and cutting performance, so that the atmosphere and talk about the water has a good resistance Corrosion.

Sand casting in the casting process will use a lot of core sand and sand, is such a product, will directly affect the effect of its products, if the quality of the core sand is not qualified, the product will come out there are a variety of problems such as Sticky sand, pores, trachoma and sand and so on.

High temperature of the molten metal poured into the mold, the type will be filled with a lot of gas, these gases must have a smooth discharge within the mold, then the sand so that the performance of the gas can be called permeability, Otherwise it will make the casting to produce its pores and lack of casting and other shortcomings.

Sand permeability of the sand casting to a certain extent by its particle size, clay content, moisture content and sand compactness and other factors, so that the smaller the particle size of the clay and the moisture content of the clay will be higher, sand compactness The higher the permeability will be worse.