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Sand Casting Your Unexpected Use
Aug 03, 2017

  Sand casting your unexpected use

  Speaking of sand casting, we may first think of the extensive use of industrial production, today by Xiaobian to tell us about our sand casting in the gymnasium, hotels and exhibition building steel structure of the node in the process of the important role.

  Our cast steel nodes are now not using the welding method, because the drawbacks are too much. So our cast steel node casting process is very important.

  Here we give you talk about casting in the cast steel node in the general several ways.

  First of all to tell you about sand casting, generally in the production process of steel joints we use water glass yarn casting process, because of its high efficiency, non-toxic harmless, especially for large steel production. But because the process is used in wood mold modeling is easy to waste wood raw materials, a little careless will lead to the production of waste.

  Then we come to tell you about EPC, the casting is suitable for the production of complex castings, the surface of the object and the chemical composition of high demand, with the foam look like, easy to take shape.

  Finally, we introduce the composite casting, that is white sand casting and lost mold casting, so effectively avoid their own defects, low cost and stability. So now the composite casting into the steel casting the most important way of casting.