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Sand Quality And Sand Permeability Of Sand Casting
Aug 03, 2017

  Sand quality and sand permeability of sand casting

  Sand casting in the production of materials are directly known as its modeling materials, used in the manufacture of sand core modeling materials known as the core sand, under normal circumstances by the river sand and sand and clay and water in the production process in accordance with its certain The ratio of the effective mixing.

  Sand casting process in the water is about 6%, clay is about 9%, the rest are the original sand, in the process of processing also need to add a small amount of vegetable oil, coal and wood chips and other attachments, which can be effective Improve its core sand and sand performance.

  Sand quality of the sand and the quality of the sand is a direct impact on the quality of its castings, if it is not good quality sand will be very easy to appear its pores and trachoma situation occurs, good sand needs to have a certain permeability.

  High temperature of the molten metal in the casting, the type will be filled with a lot of gas, these gases must be directly discharged from the mold to go out, sand casting sand is a kind of gas can make its performance through the Directly known as its permeability, or will make the casting to produce its pores and pouring and other defects.

  Sand permeability will be directly affected by the sand particle size, moisture content, clay content of compactness and other factors, the product of the sand particle size of the smaller its clay and moisture content will be higher, so that the higher the sand compactness, so that The permeability of the product will be worse.

  Sand casting in the use of the process has a good ability to resist the destruction of external force, this ability is called the intensity, in the production process of its sand must have its high enough strength in the handling, modeling and box The process does not appear its collapse.