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Strength Of Sand Casting And Advantages Of Casting Method
Oct 11, 2017

Strength of Sand Casting and advantages of casting method

Sand mold Casting in the process of production is mainly to the right amount of water and clay as its main binder, sand type will be directly in the wet state and pouring, sand mold casting has a long history and the scope of application is relatively wide.

The strength of the wet sand in sand casting is mainly determined by the clay and water, in the process of use, it needs to be mixed with a certain proportion of the clay slurry, the type of sand in the product will have a certain strength after mixing.

Sand mold Casting in the actual sand type, this can be to a certain extent to meet the requirements of the type and casting, so the clay content and water in the sand is a very important technological factor, the liquid metal in the gravity of the filling mold to produce castings casting method.

Iron, steel and some non-ferrous alloy castings are used in the process can be used in sand casting method, because the way the molding materials used in the price is cheap and easy, the mold in the process of manufacturing is relatively simple.

Sand casting in order to effectively improve the quality of its surface, usually in the case of the core and sand-type surface brush coating, the main components of the paint is high fire resistance, high-temperature chemical stability of good powder materials and binders, but also add a convenient coating of the carrier.

Sand casting on the bit batch production, a large number of production and single production can be adapted to the product for a long time, has been the basic process of casting production, the product used in the mold is generally composed of sand and core combination.