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The Characteristics Of The Chemical Hardened Sand Casting Process
Jun 26, 2017

  The characteristics of the chemical hardened sand casting process are:

  The strength of Shan chemically hardened sand is much higher than that of clay sand, and after being made into sand, it is not required to be repaired after being hardened to a very high strength. Therefore, the mold can accurately reflect the size and contour shape of the appearance, in the later process is also difficult to deformation. sand casting The castings have a higher dimension precision.

  Shan because the viscosity of the binder and hardening agent is not high, it is easy to mix with sand grains, sand mixing equipment structure lightweight, small power and high production rate, sand treatment work part can be simplified.

  Shan mix of sand in the hardening before there is a good fluidity,sand casting molding sand is easy to Chung, and thus does not need a large and complex modeling machine.

  Shan Use chemical hardening sand molding, according to the production requirements of the selection of materials, such as wood, plastic and metal.

  The content of binder in Shan chemical hardened sand is much lower than that of clay sand, in which there is no powder-like material,sand casting such as the original sand with the same grain size, the clearance between sand grains is much larger than that of clay sand. In order to avoid casting metal infiltration between sand grains, sand or core surface should be coated with good quality coating.

  Chemical hardening sand with Shan water glass as binder is low cost and no odor in working environment. However, after the casting of the cast metal mold sand is not easy to collapsibility, used old sand can not be directly recycled,sand casting must be recycled treatment, and the regeneration of water glass sand is more difficult.

  Shan Resin as binder of the chemical hardening sand cost is higher, but after pouring castings easy and type sand separation, casting cleaning work reduced, and used most of the sand can be recycled recycling.