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Which Questions Are More Important And Must Be Solved In Sand Casting?
Oct 11, 2017

Which questions are more important and must be solved in sand casting?

For foundry sand casting, in front, already has some knowledge of this aspect to explain, lets everybody through the study, realizes and gradually understands this casting way. However, since it contains a lot of content, so far, the study work has not been completed. So the following, will continue to have the previous, to go on, so that everyone can also have a new harvest and inspiration.

1. What is the simple understanding of sand casting? Well, can it be mass produced?

The simple understanding of sand casting is as follows: In the sand type, a casting method is used to produce castings. Because, it can be used for steel, iron and most of the non-ferrous alloy, so, it is in the material selection range, is very extensive. Therefore, for the castings of the single piece and mass production, can be achieved. Well, it can also be used in mass production.

2. Sand casting, whether it has special binding property?

Sand mold Casting, it is no special binding, because, its cost is low, and versatility is extensive. Therefore, the casting material, weight and so on these aspects, there is no constraint. Moreover, in the casting structure, its requirements are not very high.

3. Sand Casting, is it for foundry casting?

Sand mold Casting, from its current development, it is not the original foundry casting. Because, sand casting in the past, generally through artificial sand filling and compaction operation, and, throughout the process, is the sand toss and turn. So, called foundry casting. However, due to some defects, it has been improved and the degree of automation has been improved. Therefore, it has changed, not the original foundry casting.

4. Wood Casting and sand mold casting, is there a difference?

Wood casting and sand mold casting, these two comparisons, then there is a big difference. Because, wood casting, its casting mold is for wood, and sand mold casting, its cavity is sand, its mold, then can be wood, also can be iron.