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OEM investment casting can be cast into customer‘s logo, mold opening, proofing to blank, and finished products can be customized. It is made of stainless steel and is casted in investment, which can support producing in small batches. Compared with traditional sanding and die casting processes, investment casting has obvious advantages: it is suitable for complex structural parts. It can even combine multiple parts and design, with obvious advantages; affordable, cost-effective and high precision.
EVERLASTING: China professional suppliers and manufacturers of various oem investment casting. You can buy customized oem investment casting made in China here from our factory.
  • Alloy steel Investment casting

    Alloy steel Investment casting

    Alloy steel investment casting using the continuous casting process has no blisters, and the casting precision is high, and the yield is almost 100%. Parts made using investment castings generally do not require any further processing because tight tolerances can be achieved.Read More
  • Precision Investment Casting Propellor

    Precision Investment Casting Propellor

    Precision investment casting propellor that converts engine rotational power into propulsion. The propeller is manufactured using a precision investment casting process. We offer a wide range of industrial and marine propeller castings.Read More
  • Carbon Steel Precision Investment Casting

    Carbon Steel Precision Investment Casting

    Carbon steel precision investment casting uses an advanced precision casting process. We can provide you with the best design and save you more money.Read More
  • Alloy Steel Precision Investment Casting

    Alloy Steel Precision Investment Casting

    Since the size of the alloy steel precision investment castingchanges during cooling, it is not possible to perform the treatment before the heat treatment. Therefore, casting in hardened steel requires minimal post-treatment.Read More
  • Precision Investment Castings

    Precision Investment Castings

    Product Description: Housing for mechanical equipment Material: Stainless steel Processing: Investment Precision Casting Size: Custom Application: Aerospace, architectural, automotive & vehicles,etc Lost Wax Investment Casting Design Advantages: ·Lost wax casting provides...Read More
  • Stainless Steel Precision Investment Casting

    Stainless Steel Precision Investment Casting

    SPECIFICATION Application Mechanical Components Boat parts and Marine hardware Construction hardware Auto parts and accessories Medical Instrument parts pump & valve parts and accessories Impellers and propellers(propellers) Pipe Fittings or pipeline accessories Other...Read More
  • Stainless Steel Investment Castings

    Stainless Steel Investment Castings

    Product Description: Driving gear shaft for food equipment Material: Steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, etc. Techology:Investment casting,lost wax casting, precision casting Polishing , zinc plating, sand blasting..etc Application: Food, beverage & dairy...Read More
  • Precision Investment Casting Propellor

    Precision Investment Casting Propellor

    The product is precise and complex, close to the final shape of the part and requires no further processing before use. It is widely used in the foundry industry as an advanced mesh forming technology and excellent technology. The dimensional accuracy and surface quality of...Read More
  • Precision Investment casting

    Precision Investment casting

    Sourcing centers in Taiwan and China to maximize the benefits of providing cost competitive advantageRead More